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Tuulenpesä – Husky & Yoga Nature


On Lake Sierijärvi in Lapland, 13 km from Rovaniemi
Language(s): Finnish, English and French


information about the destination

Tuulenpesä farm is home to us, our two children, 18 Siberian huskies and a cat. The main building, which was built in 1948, and the farmyard have been renovated ecologically and showing respect for old building techniques.

We have over 20 years’ experience of nature activities in a professional capacity. We have worked in the roles of a hiking journalist and photographer, guide and product developer, enjoying nature both in far corners of the world and close to home. We find that our circle has become ever smaller and that we can now experience great adventures while going little further than our own back yard.

Our children embarked on their first winter adventures when only a few months old, and we have often hiked in Arctic conditions as a family. This means we know how to take good care of our young customers and offer them unique experiences in nature and with dogs.

In our catering services, we favour local ingredients, organic whenever possible, including fruit and vegetables, wild herbs, reindeer and freshwater fish. We pick berries, mushrooms and wild herbs in our own yard and in the forest. Our sugar, coffee and tea are fair trade products.

The old stable/cowshed houses Antti’s photo gallery and a gift shop where you can buy his photographs as prints and postcards in addition to Finnish crafts and natural products.

Surroundings and activities

Tuulenpesä is located on Lake Sierijärvi, sheltered by our own forest and surrounded by hills. We have purchased 13 hectares of forest destined to be logged adjacent to the farm. We now use this forest for recreation and only fell trees to obtain firewood for heating the house, supporting biodiversity. Close by the house, we allow many wild plants to flourish, including the nettle, willow herb, yarrow and dandelion. We are also planting chaga fungi in the forest.

To our visitors we mainly offer holistic experiences focusing on wellbeing achieved through various activities, contact with animals, nature and food alike. We also have kayaks to rent, skis and kick sleighs. The farm is accessible for wheelchair users (we are working on an ecological outdoor toilet for the disabled).

Such activities as riding, cross-country skiing, tour skating, downhill skiing and fishing are available in the local area.

In Rovaniemi, you can see and experience local culture; Culture House Korundi hosts exhibitions and concerts, whereas Museum and Science Centre Arktikum familiarises visitors with the Arctic environment and its history.


  • Bus stop: 3.3 km
  • Railway station: Rovaniemi 15 km
    Customers can be collected from Rovaniemi or the Arctic Circle.
  • Arriving over Ounasvaara fell (around 8 km) or following the road (13 km) are inviting options for cyclists.
  • Bonus for Finnish ECEAT members and those arriving without a motor vehicle: free transport back to the city for customers who purchase tourism services.

Opening times and prices

Open all year, advance booking necessary. No pets allowed.

Our actions for the environment

  • We have restored bog land in the forest, built paths for access, and mowed old fields.
  • We respected old building techniques when renovating the house, using natural materials and environmentally friendly options (including red ochre and other ecological paints
  • We buy our electricity from Ekosähkö Oy (green energy suppliers), keep our room temperature low at 18 degrees, and use wood as our main form of heating.
  • We inform our visitors of conservation and the leave no trace principle when hiking.
  • Our family is a member in an organic food circle, the Finnish Nature League (the children), the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation, and the Finnish network of nature-based entrepreneurs.


  • A roundpole fence will be built on the farm by volunteers
  • Together with the local fishing cooperative, we participate in managing the lake
  • We are developing cooperation with other local tourist attractions
  • We will reduce energy losses by means of additional insulation
  • We will allow trees to grow and plant more
  • We will increase our use of meadow plants and wild herbs
  • We will examine the possibilities of using solar and wind energy.