Finnish Eco-Agrotourism Association – ECEAT Finland

ECEAT Finland

Finnish Eco-Agrotourism Association – ECEAT Finland upholds and develops a sustainable tourism network including:

  •  Organic farms
  • Ecologically responsible guesthouses and B&Bs 
  • Course centres
  • Local museums
  • Small hotels and camping sites 
  • Other destinations offering accommodation or activities of interest, promoting the protection of nature and local culture.

Accommodation ranges from small camp sites to full board and from the simple to the luxurious – from the peace and quiet of a private cottage to active participation in everyday farm life. On many of the farms you are also welcome to buy organic products. ECEAT destinations can even be found in towns!

ECEAT Finland develops and promotes tourism that supports organic agriculture, sustainable land use, the protection of nature and the environment, and the protection of cultural heritage and traditional rural landscapes. We also encourage environmental education.

All our destinations must meet the quality criteria  of the network. As ECEAT promotes sustainable tourism, particular attention is payed to the ecological and cultural sustainability of tourism services.