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Mustio Manor


Historical manor house and museum on an old ironworks site in Raseborg, 80 km from Helsinki
Language(s): Finnish, Swedish, English


information about the destination

Mustio Manor is one of the most valuable manor houses in Finland and a cultural heritage site of national importance. The buildings date back to the 18th and the 19th centuries. Architecturally the main building, which is the largest non-ecclesiastical wooden building in Finland, is a mix of rococo and neo-classical styles, whereas its interior decoration represents the Gustavian style.

A unique manor house hotel and award-winning Restaurant Linnankrouvi operate in connection with the Manor under the oversight of the Finnish Heritage Agency. Our culinary philosophy is based on taking pride in unique, locally produced ingredients. We also favour organic ingredients and products. (read more about our producers)

Mustio Manor offers conference services and a venue for parties and gatherings, including weddings and manor banquets (for up to 200 people).

Our 39 individual hotel rooms have beds for 74 guests in total. The rooms are found in five renovated buildings dating back to the early 19th century, used once upon the time to house ironworks employees and servants. Read more about our hotel services)

In summer and during the Christmas season, the manor house shop sells local crafts, jewellery made from recycled materials as well as honey, jams and beers.

The foundation that owns the Manor aims to preserve this site of historical value for future generations according to the wishes of its original owner, Magnus Linder II. The returns are used to maintain, renovate and develop the site and its facilities.


Mustio Manor is located close to Svartå village, which was established in the 16th century as the first ironworks in Finland. Many of our traditional buildings painted in yellow and red ochre date back to that period.

The main building is surrounded by one of the largest private parks in Finland. This park designed in the English style boasts many exotic tree species – as well as follies, bridges and even excavated Stone Age sites. Access to the park is free. The estate also includes natural forest, and the beautiful Svartå River flows through it.

Activities at Mustio Manor:

  • Guided tours of the Manor, park and ironworks
  • Chamberlain’s banquet
  • Mustio Culinary Academy
  • Orangeriet winter garden sauna (for max. 24 persons) and lakeshore sauna (6 to 8 persons).
  • Roofed outdoor theatre of Mustio Manor
  • Activities for groups attending conferences, incl. ‘the Manor contest’
  • Boats, canoes, bicycles and outdoor games available to rent/borrow.
  • Signposted nature trails nearby, lighted skiing tracks in winter
  • Read more about our activities.


Our partners offer

  • Electric bikes and kayaks, wellbeing walks, outdoor escape games
  • Courses and activities that support mental resources, health and wellbeing (incl. courses of the Finnish Association for Mental Health. Read more


Destinations in the local area:

  • Scenic old industrial villages of Fiskars 25 km, Billnäs 18 km and Fagervik 25 km – Raseborg Castle ruins in Snappertuna
  • Medieval stone churches of Ingå, Lohja and Pojo – –
  • Museums etc. in Lohja, Ekenäs and Ingå
  • Read more about destinations in the area.



The distance to Mustio Manor is 15 km from Karis, 20 km from Lohja and 30 km from Ekenäs.
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  • Bus: To Svartå village centre, approx. 4 km
  • Train: the closest railway station is in Karis, 15 km
  • We recommend taking a taxi as there are few public transport departures from Karis. Bus connection from Karis to Svartå village (4 km). Buses on Salo-Ingå road stop at 1 km from the Manor.
  • Motorists/cyclists: Enter Hållsnäsintie 89, 10360 Svartå, or Mustio Manor in your navigator



  • Open: year round
  • Prices: Single room EUR 105 to 135, double room EUR 145 to 185. Includes breakfast. Lunch EUR 15 to 35, dinner EUR 16 to 75. Ask about our prices/visit the company’s website.
  • Benefit for visitors using public transport and ECEAT members may include free coffee or even a tour of the Manor.



  • We use OptiWatti system to monitor our electricity consumption.
  • We strive to reduce our water consumption, including by using rain and river water for the garden.
  • The forest is mostly left in a natural state. We look after our oak trees, which are hundreds of years old.
  • We have set up bird boxes and are planning insect hotels.



  • On our guided tours, we tell visitors about the long and interesting history of the Manor.
  • The interior of the Manor has been restored to its original style. We use traditional materials, methods and tools.
  • We use colours and shapes typical of the area, for example when maintaining the floors, restoring wallpapers and repairing window frames.
  • When a new building was constructed in 2017, the environment and old buildings were taken into consideration.



  • We aim to create storified trails with information about the history of the site.
  • We intend to restore the woodland area, foster biodiversity and rehabilitate the river.
  • We are planning to restore the statutes in the park and protect them in winter.
  • Our long-term plans include solar panels, air source heat pumps and transitioning from oil to pellets in heating.