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Kuppari-Hanna’s Natural Health Spa


Traditional treatments & slow life in the Archipelago
Language(s): Finnish (native), English (very good), French (rather good)


information about the destination

At Kuppari-Hanna’s Natural Health Spa, you can book a relaxing session for yourself or a small group (max 5). At our spa, the sauna culture and traditional healing are at the centre: why not enjoy bathing in the sauna, or try a foot bath with wild herbs. Our range of services also includes wet-cupping, massages, acupuncture and bone-setting.

After a treatment, you can stay with us for a relaxing mini retreat for one or two nights (1 to 2 persons). Breakfast is served from a basket filled with seasonal products, as requested by the visitors: bread from Livonsaaren luomuleipomo Oy’s organic bakery, as well as other organic and local products from Livonsaaren Osuuspuutarha co-operative and the village shop.

Hand-crafted from giant logs, the Natural Health Spa building is a work of art that allows you to admire Finnish building heritage. This building made from ecological materials is practically toxin-free and its indoor air is healthy, also for particularly sensitive visitors.

The Spa is decorated with chainsaw sculptures made by Hirsitikka Oy, the company that produced the logs for the building, and Kuppari-Hanna’s crafts made from natural materials steeped in Finnish folk traditions. At the Spa, you can buy pyrography works, bone and antler jewellery whose materials came from locally hunted game, and decorations made by root weaving.

The customers of the Natural Health Spa are in skilled hands: in 2016, Kuppari-Hanna was awarded Visit Finland’s Authentic FinRelax status, and in autumn 2022, the title of the Southwest Finland’s Entrepreneur of the Year.

Surroundings and activities

The Natural Health Spa operates in the area of Livonsaaren Yhteisökylä Oy. This community is an interesting organic farm and forest holding as well as a test area for ecological rural living. While Kuppari-Hanna is a shareholder in the community and the Osuuspuutarha gardens it manages, farming and forestry are not part of her business.

  • Those coming for a longer stay can visit Samppavuori lookout tower (3 km) and admire the archipelago scenery. There is also a glacial pothole and a cliff that used to be a venue for dances. Bikes are available to borrow at the Spa.
  • Visitors can also look around the community village.
  • Livonsaaren Osuuskauppa village shop (900 m) offers a large selection of local products and a small café.
  • Various self-sufficiency, building and cultivation courses are organised in the community, as well as an introductory tour once a year.
  • Säpiniitun tila Oy, a neighbouring business, offers animal-assisted occupational therapy led by a psychologist.


Other activities in the local area:

  • bathing areas: lake 1.5 km, sea 7 km
  • canoe and kayak rentals/surfing/supping/fishing: Teersalo 7 km
  • signposted hiking trails: Livonsaari-Teersalo 7 km
  • riding: Askainen-Livonsaari 1-15 km
  • bicycle rentals Naantali 23 km
  • courses and working parties: Saariston Savotta ry 1 km
  • more information about the Livonsaari area



Livonsaari is located 23 km to the southeast from Naantali town centre. The distance to Merimasku is 15 km.

  • Bus: nearest bus stop 0.9 km, Livonsaaren Osuuskauppa shop and café. Public transport timetables and departures vary according to the season, for up-to-date information visit There are one or two departures a day from Turku and a few more from Naantali.
  • Train: nearest railway station 35 km, in Turku.
  • Motorists/cyclists: You can travel to Livonsaari via Askainen or Merimasku. Livonsaari is the last island that can be reached by a bridge. To get to the islands further out, visitors need to take a ferry.
  • Guest marina: Teersalo 7 km


Opening times and prices

  • Open: round the year, advance booking necessary.
  • Prices: seasonal variations, enquire about our prices or visit our website. Breakfast EUR 15.
  • Bonus for ECEAT members and those arriving without a motor vehicle: Free breakfast for cyclists on the Archipelago Trail. For ECEAT members -10% of all treatment sessions that include bathing in the sauna. (Not applicable to massages/bone-setting sessions only)


Our actions for the environment

  • wind power and waste wood from Hirsitikka Oy’s sawmill are used to heat the Spa.
  • the Spa has a composting toilet which separates the waste and saves water.
  • energy saving measures: the centre has a heat pump, the building is well insulated with blown wool, and the underfloor heating in the wet facilities is pleasant but energy efficient.
  • The land area and surroundings of the Natural Health Spa are owned by Livonsaaren Yhteisökylä Oy, which is committed to managing the forests following continuous cover principles.
  • the organic crops grown in the fields are green forage, clover, broad beans and cereals for nearby organic farms.
  • Rocky habitats and oak groves are under protection.
  • Shoreline reed beds and pastures are restored in landscape management projects where the work is done by the horses and indigenous cattle of a neighbouring farm.

Cultural actions

  • Maintaining the culture of bathing in sauna and traditional healing
  • The Natural Health Spa represents traditional Finnish building skills. The logs are untreated and hand carved.


  • service development: more in-depth introduction to Finnish culture, attention to communality and efforts to promote a human-centric culture of feeling good.
  • acquisition of solar panels in the next five years.
  • closer cooperation with other operators in the areas, for example in form of working parties.