How to join?

Are you an organic farmer committed to caring for the environment and traditional landscapes?
Is your home in an ecological village aiming at living in harmony with nature?
Do you receive or would you like to receive tourists or other guests?
Can you offer your visitors the peace of the countryside and an opportunity to learn more about a sustainable way of life?

ECEAT Finland accepts as its members enterprises offering tourism services, such as:

  • Organic and biodynamic farms
  • Small farms and other ecological projects with a strong commitment to protecting the environment and local culture, for example by keeping indigenous breeds and conserving traditional landscapes
  • Ecological villages and communities
  • Small guesthouses, hotels and campsites committed to a responsible attitude towards the environment

In addition to entrepreneurial members, ECEAT Finland has supporting members who may be either private individuals or organizations/communities who wish to support the objectives and activities of the association.

If you are interested in joining ECEAT

In Finland:

First get in touch with ECEAT Finland: CONTACT

If you would like to join the network as an entrepreneur, you need to fill in two questionnaires: one to provide the details of your ecological tourist destination and its services, and another one to check if your destination is in keeping with ECEAT’s quality and sustainability criteria.

In other countries:

please contact the ECEAT organisation of your own country. For contact information see