Good to know

Click on the list below to find out more about the entry that interests you! More than half of the ECEAT destinations are organic farms offering tourism services.

All destinations are obliged to meet the quality and sustainability criteria  of ECEAT Finland (soon also in English).

Good to know:

  • An advance reservation is always recommendable, especially for large groups.
  • Meals should always be pre-booked well in advance.
  • If you rely on public transport, your hosts are often willing to collect you from the bus or the train.
  • Many farms and attractions are well suited for e.g. children or wheelchair users – please ask for details.
  • On many farms, you are welcome to join in the work. Don’t hesitate to ask if you are interested in haymaking or taking part in the harvest!

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Happy organic travelling!

Logos in the farm descriptions:


LEPPÄKERTTUMERKKI: An inspection symbol granted by the Finnish Association for Organic Farming


MAAKUNTIEN PARHAAT:”The Best of the Provinces”: a national quality symbol for small food, craft and agritourism companies


AURINKOMERKKI: Supervised organic production. Compliance with organic standards is supervised by Finnish authorities



DEMETER: An international quality symbol for biodynamic production

A registered organic farm, ECEAT symbol: the farm is a registered and supervised organic farm, which however has not applied for an organic symbol for its produce.


EU LEAF SYMBOL: An organic product produced in compliance with the EU regulation on organic production, with at minimum 95% organic agricultural raw materials.



Finding destinations to visit

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