What is ECEAT?


ECEAT Finland

The Finnish Eco-Agrotourism Association – ECEAT Finland upholds and develops a sustainable tourism network including:

  • Organic and biodynamic farms
  • Ecologically responsible guesthouses and B&Bs
  • Other destinations offering accommodation or activities of interest, promoting the protection of nature and local culture.

Accommodation ranges from small camp sites to full board and from the simple to the luxurious – from the peace and quiet of a private cottage to active participation in everyday farm life. On many of the farms you are also welcome to buy organic products. ECEAT destinations can even be found in towns!

All ECEAT destinations and other places to visit must meet the quality criteria  of the network. As ECEAT promotes sustainable tourism, particular attention is payed to the ecological and cultural sustainability of tourism services.

Roots of ECEAT Finland

The idea and model for the Finnish ECEAT network comes from the international ECEAT network (European Centre for Ecological and Agricultural Tourism).

The predecessor of our independent ECEAT Finland association was the national Organic and Sustainable Tourism Project in 2001 – 2004. The project gave us possibilities to build a new network of agritourism enterprises operating on an ecologically, socially and culturally sustainable basis.

The Finnish project was financed by the Rural Policy Committee and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, while the Finnish Association for Organic Farming (Luomuliitto ry) was in charge of its practical management.

Other cooperation partners included Maaseutumatkailun teemaryhmä (an agritourism working group), organic farmers’ regional organisations, rural advisory centres, the Finnish ecological community project, an ecological forestry organisation, the Organic Catering Centre and the Biodynamic Association. We also had contacts with various other environmental and tourism organisations. Most of these organisations are now partners of ECEAT Finland.

After this project came to an end, we decided to found the ECEAT Finland Association in 2005 to carry on and develop the sustainable tourism network that had been established.

By visiting ECEAT destinations you can combine leisure with ecological action: Enjoy your holiday and help organic farmers and other ecological tourism entrepreneurs keep the countryside alive and diverse!