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Montta Active Camping


Tourism services and nature experiences in the landscapes of the River Oulujoki
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information about the destination

Montta Active Camping, which is located 35 km from Oulu, has offered nature tourism services for almost 15 years. Experiences and adventures as well as events are also an important part of our services.

Active camping oy was one of the first businesses to join Rokua Geopark. The entrepreneurs, Päivi and Pekka Metsola, are both adventure guides and environmental educators, and Päivi is also a nature guide. These qualifications have fuelled their enthusiasm for more sustainable tourism and nature-based activities.

In addition to accommodation and activities, catering services are also available: Montta bar operates as both a café and a restaurant (fully licensed). Breakfast is available to order, and we also cater for pre-booked groups. Such products as pizzas from Omaleipuri bakery in Utajärvi, beers from a small brewery in Haukiputaa, meat from Viskaali farm and flour from Kinnunen mill are sourced in the local area. Ingredients purchased through Muhos Eco circle also comprise organic produce. We additionally sell local crafts.

We can organise parties and conferences for up to 200 people, and our dance pavilion accommodates 100 people. We also serve visitors with restricted mobility.

For accommodation, we have 12 wooden cabins, 40 caravan pitches and 50 tent pitches. Ten different cabins provide basic level accommodation for 2 to 6 persons. The cabins have beds, refrigerators and radiators. Our two larger two-storey cabins have private kitchens, saunas, showers and toilets.

The camping ground has 40 places for cars/caravans, 25 of which with power supply. As an alternative to their own tents, campers can try out our hammocks with rain covers or tentsiles suspended in trees. Showers and toilets, a sauna and an outdoor kitchen can be found in the service building.

Surroundings and activities

Flowing water has always been important here. The place derives its name from a story about giants and Montta, the first man to take his boat down the foaming rapids.

Activities in Montta:

  • guided kayaking trips on the river and walking tours along nature trails.
  • a rowing boat, kayaking equipment, SUPs, bikes and fat bikes to hire.
  • a traditional sauna, where visitors can chop up the firewood and carry the water, can be booked.
  • also an electric sauna, a hot tub and swimming pools with water from natural sources.
  • outdoor games can be borrowed from the café.
  • climbing course, disc golf baskets
  • play area, children’s swimming pool with water from natural sources, outdoor games
  • fishing
  • berry and mushroom picking in the forest

In the local area:

  • Path of Love (Lemmenpolku): a nature trail of 2.1 km starting in Montta, along which visitors can find information about the history and nature of the area. In the olden times, local people took the Path of Love on their way to a venue for Midsummer celebrations. The path leads to the nostalgic headland of Leppiniemi with masterpieces created by architect Aarne Ervi. This path was already recommended by August Ramsay in his travel guide in 1888.
  • information about Rokua National park trails the Tar Trail (Tervareitistö): A 100-km hiking trail that takes in the natural attractions and lookout points of the River Oulujoki leads past Montta. It introduces hikers to the cultural history of Oulankajoki River Valley and explains how tar travelled from the forests of Kainuu to the tar market in Oulu and on to the world markets.
  • Oulujoki River Pilgrimage Route (113-km) combines hiking in nature, cultural experiences, spirituality and opportunities for pausing leads through Montta.
  • Rokua Geopark: Finland’s number one site in UNESCO’s network of unique geological sites. The area comprises River Oulujoki Valley, Oulujärvi Lake and Rokua eskers and dunes. The sights include Rokuanvaara hill; Syvyydenkaivo, the deepest ice age depression in Finland; Pookivaara hill; and Rokuan Isokivi erratic boulder.


Cultural sights in Muhos:

  • Muhos Church – The oldest wooden church in Finland that has remained almost unaltered and that is in regular use round the year. The church was completed in 1634.
  • Art exhibitions that change monthly in Cultural Centre Koivu ja Tähti and in café Mimmin Pulla.
  • in summer, local heritage museum and artist Terttu Jurvakainen’s gallery.
  • Fortum’s Electricity Museum (open by arrangement)
  • read more: exhibitions and museums


  • Train: Muhos 6.5 km
  • Bus: Montta Camping ground, 100 m. You can get a direct bus from Oulu to our gates, or travel via Muhos (busses 40 and 41).
  • Motorists/cyclists: To reach us by car, follow the signposts from either direction. You can cycle from Oulu along the Tar Trail or the main road.

Opening times and prices

  • Open: 1 May – 30 September (at other times by arrangement)
  • Prices: EUR 30 to 125/day
  • smallest cabin: EUR 30/day and EUR 180/week, largest cabin: EUR 125/day and EUR 725/week. Cleaning and bed linen not included.
  • camping: visitors aged over 13, tent pitch EUR 8.50/day, campervans or cars EUR 14/18/day + price per person EUR 4/1/day. Power outlet/day EUR 6 to 9.
  • hammocks and tentsiles: visitor’s own tent/hammock EUR 11/day, Montta hammock (+ rain cover) EUR 21, tentsile (1 to 2 persons) EUR 55/day.
  • breakfast EUR 6,50 Bathing in sauna EUR 30/h.
  • Ask for our prices or check the company’s website.
  • Bonus for ECEAT Finland members and visitors arriving without a motor vehicle or a flight: free coffee

Our actions for the environment

  • sustainable development programme and environmental education plan (available for customers to read)
  • we make use of old items in everything. For example, the café counter came from a dismantled climbing wall.
  • we repair old buildings rather than construct new ones.
  • we try and purchase everything we can from local entrepreneurs: including heat pumps, hot water tanks, renovation supplies, most of the foods.
  • we do not offer sports and other equipment requiring fossil fuels.
  • we have containers for mixed waste, glass, metal, bottles and batteries. We also have a compost.

Cultural actions

  • we produce earth or landscape art themed on the local environment and culture with our groups of visitors.
  • in an action-based escape game played outdoors, we use local history and the story behind Montta’s name as the background
  • we have built a stage and seating on the river shore, where we have staged outdoor theatre performances, sing-alongs etc.


  • establishing our own nature education school.
  • creating a small garden.
  • informing visitors about the geological environment (Rokua geopark).