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Peaceful holidays near the services of Hossa National Park
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information about the destination

Loma-Hossa is a family-run enterprise that offers accommodation in log cottages and apartments around Hossa village, 1 to 3 km from Hossa National Park.

All ten cottages and apartments are different, with both traditional and more modern holiday accommodation available. The cottages have a private kitchen, sauna and lakeshore area, and visitors have the use of a boat. Each cottage is only rented out to one group at a time.

While the cottages have electricity, not all of them have running water. For more information about the accommodation options, see our website.

Rajakartano is an old Border Guard station converted into tourism use. It consists of the main building and three holiday apartments in terraced houses. In total, the 9 rooms have beds for 30 guests.

Main building: Beds for 14, rented out as a single unit. Suitable for larger groups or families. The living room also serves as a venue for meetings and parties (max. 30 persons).

Terraced houses: 3 separate apartments with beds for 4 to 6 persons in each. These apartments are suitable for smaller groups or families.

The site has a private lakeshore area, campfire site and barbecue hut. Our customers can use the saunas, boats and canoes that come with the apartments. There is also a smoke sauna and hot tub (advance booking required).

Catering services are only available for groups by separate arrangement. We favour local ingredients, including fish, reindeer or other meats. Also local lingonberries and blueberries.



The cottages and Rajakartano are surrounded by beautiful pine forests. The trees are garnished with beard lichen, the ground is carpeted by moss, and blueberries and lingonberries can be found in the forest.

Three of the cottages are located on the shores of Öllörijärvi. This lake is up to 36 metres deep, and its clear waters contain marked checkpoints for divers. The cottages in the River Oulunjoki catchment also make ideal bases for fishing and hiking.

Hossanharju esker trail, which connects the National Park to Hossa village, starts from Rajakartano on Hossanlahti Bay and serves walkers and cyclists.

Guided berry picking excursions are available when the wild berries are in season: you will learn to use a map, read the terrain and identify good sites for berries while enjoying everyone’s rights, picking reasonable amounts of wild produce and respecting the ecosystem.

Sights in the local area include



  • Bus: the nearest bus stop is Hossa E, Suomussalmi, 0 km
  • Train: the nearest station is in Kajaani, 200 km
  • Motorists/cyclists: enter Hossantie 273, Suomussalmi in your navigator.


Directions for those arriving on public transport: in summer, you can take a train to Oulu and a bus to Kuusamo. From there, you can catch a bus on the Kuusamo-Hossa-Kajaani line, or arrive in Kajaani by train and then take a bus on the Kajaani-Hossa-Kuusamo line.

In winter, take a bus from Kajaani to Kuusamo or Kuusamo to Kajaani and get off on the stop Peranka E or Peranka P. You can arrange to be collected or take a taxi for the rest of the way.



  • Open: year round. Advance booking necessary.
  • Normal prices: In a single or double room, price per person approx. EUR 75 to 135/night. Group accommodation approx. EUR 180/6 persons. Ask for our prices or check our website.
  • Benefit for those arriving on public transport/without a motor vehicle and members of ECEAT Finland: two bikes are available for cycling around Hossa while you are staying with us, or in winter, four pairs of snowshoes.



  • Oil heating in the buildings of Rajakartano was replaced with geothermal heating in 2022
  • We are a partner company of Hossa National Park
  • All electricity we use comes from renewable sources and is carbon free
  • The areas between the cottages and shores are in a natural state (excluding a path and duckboards)
  • We have put up bird boxes on the cottage sites, and some of the tree stumps snapped by crown snow loads have been left standing
  • The outdoor lighting mostly works on motion sensors, twilight switches and timers
  • Remote control of the heating and air pumps makes it easier to regulate temperature in the accommodation facilities
  • The cottages have composters or composts. The cottages only used in summer have separating or composting toilets.
  • Each cottage has a fireplace, and some have saunas with wood-burning stoves. We use wood from our own forest for heating.



  • We favour logs as the building material in new and planned construction projects. We also strive to use recycled or renewable materials for building and maintenance work.
  • Local builders’ knowhow has been tapped for renovating old log buildings The traditional look of the cottages will be preserved.
  • Two cottages still have a traditional winch well in use.
  • Hossa is located in the reindeer herding area, and reindeer roam freely around the accommodation units. Should our customers wish, we can tell them more about reindeer husbandry in the area, the reindeer herders’ cooperative and the history of the Border Guard station.



  • We will provide more information about biodiversity and nature conservation in the cottage folders.
  • An air pump will be installed in Lampimökki cottage in winter 2023–2024 and in Järvimökki cottage in winter 2024–2025.
  • We have plans to improve our waste management and recycling in spring 2024.
  • We are planning to reduce our electricity use by installing solar panels and heaters. This will take place in spring 2026.