Finnish Eco-Agrotourism Association – ECEAT Finland

Ecological and cultural quality

ECEAT promotes environmentally responsible tourism, so the quality criteria of the network also pay particular attention to the ecological and cultural sustainability of tourism services. All enterprises belonging to the ECEAT network should aim at the following goals of ecological and cultural sustainability:

  • Supporting organic and environmentally friendly farming
  • Responsible use of water and energy
  • Minimising the amount of waste produced
  • ”Green” building policies
  • Informing customers on issues related to ecological and cultural sustainability
  • Environmentally friendly travel and public transport
  • Fostering diversity in nature and our living environment
  • Cherishing our cultural heritage
  • Supporting local economies and promoting cooperation
  • Making combined efforts towards all of these goals
  • In addition to sustainability, the ECEAT quality standard embraces certain criteria dealing with safety and comfort.


To see the ECEAT standards in detail, please go to: ECEAT Finland quality criteria 

ECEAT Finland offers support to network members wishing to develop their quality standards by providing information and advice. The association wishes to help tourists and entrepreneurs who appreciate sustainability to find each other – and learn more.

The destinations must display an ECEAT quality certificate as proof of their commitment to compliance with the association’s quality requirements.

NOTE: ECEAT Finland has updated its quality and sustainability criteria in summer 2018. The new criteria will be valid for the farms and other destinations joining the network after August 2018.

Join us in supporting more sustainable tourism!